Monday, December 22, 2008

Where To Buy New Webkinz, Lil' Kinz and Accessories Online

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Pre-Order New Webkinz Animals

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Pre-order Webkinz here... New 2009 Webkinz and Lil' Kinz for November and up coming months.

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Whatever you want - Webkinz, Lil' Kinz, Clothes, Trading Cards, Charms, Lip Gloss, Body Spritz, You Name It... We Got It!

Amazon Marketplace...

For QuiCk EaSy Shopping, Amazon's HUGE Marketplace of New Released Ganz-Webkinz/Lil' Kinz/Accessories is a great place to start! And if you want something other than a Webkinz, Amazon has it all for you--just search it and you'll find it!

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Trivia Question...

1. What's the difference between a Webkinz and Lil' Kinz? (See answer below)

More Online Stores to shop for better prices, discounts, etc...

Webkinz Plush ToysLove Puppy WebkinzWebkinz Toys - we have stock!

eBay USA/Canada Marketplace...

For Bargain Hunting, eBay is THE Worldwide Marketplace for anything imaginable. eBay USA & Canada have the BIGGEST Marketplace--over 22,586 Webkinz stuffed animals, Lil' Kinz and Accessories are auctioned daily. Simply place a bid to win a Webkinz auction or Buy It Now, if you can't wait!

To buy on eBay, you must first sign up for three eBay accounts... it's totaly FREE! It only takes a few minutes of your time. Here are the links...

  1. FREE Paypal Account (eBay's secured payment processor. Don't buy without them!)
  2. FREE eBay - USA Account (for USA purchases)
  3. FREE eBay - Canada accounts (optional / for Canada purchases)

Note: If you don't like auctions or want to bid on a Webkinz, use the "Buy Now" on eBay listings.

Trivia Question...

2. When should you place a bid during an online auction? (See answer below)

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Trivia Answers:

1. The Lil' Kinz size is smaller than a Webkinz. Also, the price is usually less.
2. Place your bid within 5 minutes before the auction ends. This helps prevent bidding wars.

New Webkinz...

To get more information, 2008 New Webkinz Releases