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2008 New Webkinz Releases

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Are you a Webkinz newbie and want to know...

...what is a Webkinz?

New Webkinz For 2008!!!

New Webkinz for 2008Many of the 2008 New Webkinz Releases including Lil'Kinz toys arrived throughout the latter part of 2007. It was during that time when the Webkinz craze escalated, causing pre-orders in many of the retail stores to reach their maximum limits quickly. Every since Ganz introduced Webkinz to the world in 2005, supply has never been able to keep up with high demand throughout the USA.

Now more new Webkinz releases are coming and will be arriving in stores throughout February, March and April 2008. One can't help but wonder what is Ganz trying to do to us. Emotions are stirred, kids crave Webkinz and parents get pumped up trying to satisfy their cravings, even if it means searching the entire planet to find the right one at the right price.

Millions of parents and kids in the US and Canada anxiously await the new in local stores, while others flee to the Internet seeking pictures, information, and where to buy. And rightly so when you think about it, supply will be short again. Internet stores will have more variety and more quantity, and in some cases prices will be high. How high? It depends on which Webkinz is being retired and becomes rare, and how high is the demand.

People seem to be fascinated when something becomes rare and are willing to shell out the bucks to get it. Take for example the Love Puppy and the Cheeky Dog. The Valentine Love Puppy was released in 2007 prior to Valentines Day. Afterwards, it was declared retired by Ganz just as more people started to become aware of it. The price rose to well over $100, in some cases up to $200.

The Cheeky Dog was also retired and is now selling for over $500 and as high as $1000, if not more. If you think that's far fetch, wait until you see what will take place with some of the new 2008 Webkinz pets retire. If you want a tip, buy now while its early in the year or complain like the many who simply didn't know what happened in 2007. Yes, the Webkinz trend is something to remember. Make something become retired [rare] and jack up the price.

So what exactly is going on with the local retail stores. Now that 2008 is here, large retail stores are trying to keep their shelves stocked with new Webkinz. But as soon as new shipments arrive, quickly they go and pre-orders reach their limits quickly once again. Small retail stores such as gift shops are greatly affected as well, because they simply don't have as much storage room to stock enough Webkinz, Lil' Kinz and accessories to accommodate Webkinz-crazed customers.

You, on the other hand, have a better chance of getting exactly what you want online. For instance, if you are searching for a specific Webkinz, Lil' Kinz Plush Toy or accessory, you'll find a large number of them online. You can compare prices, bargain hunt, and find discounts for the best prices in two of the major Webkinz/Lil' Kinz markets--USA and Canada.

All you need to know is who, what, when, where and how. And that's where this site can help you. You'll know exactly where to go to find what you want quickly, and get the necessary information to help you know more about Webkinz, Lil' Kinz and accessories, including Webkinz World. If you are a newbie, you've come to the right place to learn. That said, lets start with the upcoming 2008 Valentines Day...

Take a look at the Love Puppy and the 2008 newly released Love Frog. See any similarities in the pictures below?

Webkinz Love PuppyNew Release Webkinz The Love Puppy was released prior to Valentines Day in 2007 and is no longer in production (retired). However, it's still very much alive and even more popular today. The Love Frog is 2008's Valentine pet and replaces the Love Puppy.
When Ganz announced in 2007 the Love Puppy would be retiring the price skyrocketed to well over $100.00. And that my friend, more than likely will happen to the Love Frog. Our advice, buy now before the price increases.

So what are the new 2008 Webkinz releases, by name?
Here's a complete rundown of the new style of plush toys that are already here and the other releases to soon to come...
  • Love Frog (for Valentines Day)
  • Reindeer (seasonal)
  • White Seal
  • Charcoal Cat
  • Pinto Horse
  • Gray Arabian Horse
  • Black Poodle
  • Yellow Lab Dog
  • Collie Dog
  • German Shepherd
  • Basset Hound
  • Lil' Kinz Bulldog
  • Turtle
  • Penguin
  • Lil' Kinz Polar Bear
  • Cow
  • White Duck
  • Velvety Elephant
  • Tie Dye Frog
  • Lil' Kinz Tiger
  • Black and White Cheeky Dog
You can see all the new 2008 releases in the right column of this blog. The video below will also show many of the new releases.

You can see more pictures and videos, click Here and Here.

Knowing how to and where to buy isn't as difficult as you think. You just need to be pointed in the right direction, and we will certainly help you to obtain that goal.

We will point you to the largest, safest, and most secured marketplaces online to find and buy any Webkinz, Lil' Kinz or accessories. If you want to go there now, simply click below...

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Learn more about Ganz and Webkinz World
Before we get into more details about the new 2008 releases including their features, you can learn more about Ganz and Webkinz World. Then we'll tell you what the virtual stuff animals will do in Webkinz World's interactive website, and more. Also understand that kids can easily become addicted to Webkinz World, so parents need to manage their computer time.

If you have child safety concerns and want to learn more in this area, click the link below to watch a special news report. This is a video clip from ABC News titled "Is the Webkinz Craze Bad for Kids?"

What are the age requirements?
According to Webkinz World, their website was designed for users aged 6 to 13+ years old. However, their site's design and content were intended for all ages with different levels of computer skills. Although some of the games and jobs are somewhat difficult for younger users, they still can enjoy the site with the help of an adult.

In addition, the website has
some games and certain jobs for the younger children. This includes both the Fence Painting and Shoe Store Clerk (memory games). Also recommended is the Wacky Zingoz and Tulop Trouble 2. Younger users could also enjoy all of the non-game methods to making money including some of the other features.

Webkinz In A Nutshell
The stuffed animal (plush) toys were created and originally released on April 29, 2005, by Ganz, a company based in Toronto, Canada. You can say that many of their toys are similar to other plush toys of the past, such as the once popular Beanie Babies. Also, Webkinz are similar to the Punkies.

What Comes with Webkinz?

What makes Webkinz stuffed animals unique is... they come with a secret code on their labels. You create an account and activate the code at the Webkinz World website. Then you adopt and name your pet, as well as care for it by getting KinzCash to buy food, furniture, etc.

In addition, there is a smaller version Webkinz called Lil' Kinz. It has the same features as a Webkinz, but smaller in size and usually cost less.

The concept behind Webkinz
Its simple, to get as many parents and schools to buy as many virtual toy animals for their pre-schoolers and elementary schoolers. Then get them to activate their pets online at Webkinz World's website. While at the site, kids can learn as they play educational games, trivia, make decision, etc. The site brings plenty of responsibilities to kids which teaches them real life stuff in adult-like situations when caring for a pet. Thing adults normally teach children in the real world.

Webkinz World's goal is to continue having kids come back to its site to feed and care for their pets, on a day to day basis. Otherwise, what could happen? Well, your pet could starve or get sick. Kids learn how to make decisions to buy pet things with KinzCash such as, food, furniture, etc. But more importantly, the site brings both education and entertainment. It's a place where kids can fantasize, learn, create and make decisions. Even parents have been known to become addicted.

Future Webkinz 2008Webkinz Stuffed AnimalsWhat are Webkinz plush animals made of and what are the features?
The Webkinz is 8,1/2 inches tall and the Lil' Kinz is 6,1/2 inches tall. Plush toys are stuffed with beans and made from quality fabric, usually cotton which gives a soft huggabiity feel. Each Webkinz and Lil' Kinz comes with an unique secret code. Every code is different and that's because every pet comes with a different name and unique story.

Caution! Don't lose your code... it's the only one that exist. Also, it's a violation to use cheat codes to activate these pets on Webkinz World.

Webkinz World, child safety concerns and features
There's plenty to know about this site so the best way is to go to the Ganz Webkinz site General Questions page. You can also get more information by going to the FAQs page.

Gameplay features -- When you buy a Webkinz stuffed animal toy it comes with a secret unique 8-character code. Once you activate the code, you "adopt" your pet in the virtual Webkinz World, which is essentially an online play areas and cartoon-like character of your pet. Every pet is unique and will have its own environment and economy. You receive receive Kinzcash (money) by playing online games, adopting new pets and answering knowledge questions.

You can also generate more KinzCash through daily activities such as, spinning the Wheel of Wow, "I love my Webkinz", or completing jobs (minigames), which are available every 8 hours. Daily, you will get a Game of the Day which is another way to earn KinzCash when playing for bonuses. In addition, other bonuses are available on an hourly basis.

You use the KinzCash to buy food and clothing for your pet, including items for your pet's room or for building additional rooms in the house, etc. You can decorate your pet's room with pre-made themes, or mix and match the furniture.

The website also contains many rare interesting items. For instance, you can develop a friendship with the curio shop owner to purchase. The other items you can register Webkinz accessories you purchase in the real world such as, Lip Gloss, Spritz perfume, clothes, etc., with their individual secret codes.

Each type of pet is unique and takes on its own personality, and gets special food exclusively for it. In addition, a Pet of the Month is announced in the beginning of each month. If you register the announced pet within that month, you receive other exclusive items for your pet.

When you interact with your pet in Webkinz World many of the tasks will involve collecting items for it. For example, there are recipes that will be released to you through cookbooks so you can purchases. Or through one of the TV shows called The Secret Chef with Chef Gazpacho. Also, Gems can be mined only once daily at the Curio Shop. A full set of gems can be turned into the Webkinz Crown of Wonder.

As you can see there are many features, which allow kids to create, think and make decisions like a real parent. You child's ability to create his/her own shows with the Webkinz Studio can enter and chosen to appear on the Webkinz television show.

Is KinzChat a safe chatline for kids? We suggest that as a parent to give strict attention to KinzChat. This feature of Webkinz World had raised plenty of eyebrows when it first appeared on the site in recent years. Kids can chat with other kids however, there are many restrictions. The words are pre-typed for kids to select when chatting with other kids online. No one can type in their own words to send to others.

Of course, the subject concerning pedophiles where on the minds of many parents and rightly so. We definitely want to know the safety features. Chatlines are for adults, although teenagers tend to use them too, there are issues concerning safety for everyone. However, Webkinz World seemed to have secured the safety of their young users. Learn more about it here, Is KinzChat PLUS safe?

Webkinz News
See Webkinz Google New, Yahoo New and MSN News" in left column. You can learn even more important issues, including more tags/codes, plush toys, Ganz, Webkinz World and much, much more.

How and Where To buy Webkinz/Lil' Kinz That's Safe and Secure?
If you want to know how and where to buy, including the best places, prices, bargains and access to 5,500+ Webkinz plush animals and accessories online, we suggest you go to our Buy Webkinz Online site. We will dazzle you with all new 2008 releases with pictures, including other products prior to 2008. When going to the site, you get the following...
  • Shop and compare prices
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  • Search for products unrelated to Webkinz
  • How to make money online selling Webkinz--see Build A Niche Store
  • Where to get free accounts to buy in USA & Canada largest marketplaces
  • Additional stuff added regularly to help you more
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New, unused sealed tags w/ unique codes

Love Frog
White Seal
Charcoal Cat
Pinto Horse
Yellow Lab Dog
Arabian Horse

German Shepherd
Basset Hound Dog
Lil' Kinz Polar Bear
Lil' Kinz Bulldog
Lil' Kinz Leopard
White Duck
Tie Dye Frog
Velvety Elephant
Black Poodle Dog
Black & White Cheeky dog

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